All of our services are free and confidential
What we Offer

Free Pregnancy Testing and Consultation
Free Ultrasound by appointment only off site
Free Material assistance
Free Classes: Parenting all stages, Couples, Marriage
Free Material Assistance:
     *Baby Furniture
     *Baby Clothing
     *Food and Formula
     *Maternity Wear
(all items listed are based on availability, diapers are limited in quantity)

Our Goal

To provide you with a loving understanding of how life is impacted by life. How we can be a healthy support for each other, learning to grow and love God's way.
We are willing to invest in you!
Dont be afraid!
Dont stand alone!
We can help!
    phone number: 360-373-4688
after hours call: 800-848-5683

If you are finding yourself in trouble, think you might be pregnant, we are here for you!
No one should face this kind of situation alone and certainly there is every reason to seek out help, information, and support. Other opinions can shape our troubled thoughts and sometimes there is a need to search outside of who we know to get answers that we need. This is that place. A place where women serve women! This is a place where you will find love and compassion to meet you right where you are. This place was founded with you in mind. We are here, we want to help and we will support you!

You will seek Me and find Me when you search
for Me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13